Project Management

PRINCE2 – Executive overview

PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments) is a process-based methodology that provides the essentials for project management.

Participants will:

  • High level overview of PRINCE2
  • Learn the Process model and Themes
  • Understand specific roles and responsibilities.

Writing a Better Business Case

A well-crafted business case document outlines the rationale for undertaking a business project. It should be a formal, written argument that argues the reasoning to convince a decision maker to approve an intended action. This workout will take a practical ‘hands-on’ approach with participants writing Business cases for actual potential projects.

Participants will:

  • Learn what needs to be in a Business Case.
  • Be able to clarify the ‘projects’ reasons and write measurable benefits.
  • Learn how to analyze risk and other options.
  • Learn how to calculate return on investment and compare this with other possible solutions.

AGILE Projects – Scrum

In many projects, due to their nature and the project environment it is not possible to succeed with more traditional approaches. So, whatever the project it is often better to use the AGILE approach. Scrum is one of the most effective and most popular. This workout gives a high-level overview for the process.

Participants will:

  • Traditional versus agile projects
  • Understand the scrum framework
  • Learn the roles and their responsibilities
  • Be able to define and implement the scrum process including sprints and scrum meetings.

Workable Project Plans

In traditional project management, planning the project well is a key success factor. This workout will take you through the PRINCE2 method – Product Based Planning, showing participants the tools and techniques, in a practical way, needed to successfully plan their projects.

Participants will:

  • Planning as part of the PRINCE2 process method
  • How to do a Product Breakdown structure and Product flow diagram.
  • Calculate the critical path and make accurate estimations.
  • Lear the best ways to visualize and monitor the project plan.

PMI – Body of Knowledge overview

PMI – Project Management Institute is one of the most popular global default methodologies in project management. Knowledge within the 9 areas of knowledge is essential for all project managers. This high-level workout introduces the method and shows how and when and in which project environments to implement the methodology.

Participants will:

  • Learn what and why PMI is
  • Understand the 5 process groups running through a PMI project
  • Learn the 9 areas included in the ‘Body of Knowledge’ concept