Bitesize Training:

BiteSize Training Workouts last for 90 minutes and in that time
participants gain a fast and practical overview of topic.
We currently offer over 60 different workouts across 5 competency
areas with most workouts available in English and Czech,
delivered by a passionate and experienced trainer.
The workouts are highly motivating, delivered with high energy
and with the versatility required in today’s working environment.
Workouts are delivered in your offices at the time best for you:
morning, lunchtime, afternoon or even after the working day.
Many workouts can also be delivered online with a virtual option.

BiteSize Key Benefits

✓ Minimal work-day disruption

✓ Group size 10 – 20

✓ Interactive and participative

✓ No long lectures or slideshows

✓ Workbook and website support

✓ 80% learning in 20% of the time

✓ Participants rarely withdraw

✓ High ‘on-the-job’ learning transfer

✓ Fun while learning

✓ Great value for money

✓ High Return on Investment

Typical BiteSize training workout with suggested start and finish times:
Workouts will vary depending on the topic and the content. Typical works however will consist of the following six elements:
Engage Workout topic is introduced the benefits are established  and participants see relevance and set clear, achievable goals for both the training and post-training.
Learning input The trainer introduces the learning content, models, tools and techniques are demonstrated and any theoretical input is presented.
Activation The participants are actively involved in practical applications, role plays, simulations and exercises which active the learning content. Feedback is given by the trainer as well as other participants.
Reflection The activation session is summarized and the participants reflect on their learning and develop action plans for continuous learning and on-job-transfer transfer.
Wrap-up Key lessons from the workout are established and participants write their action plans.
Networking Before and after each workout there is the opportunity for constructive networking with old and new colleagues.